Baby Safe Flea Control? This Is What You Should Use

Baby Safe Flea Control?

Getting the right baby safe flea control is a problem for many households. Cats and dogs will usually become infested if they come in contact with other  pets that have flea infestations. It is wise to use effective methods to control fleas before they become a problem.

Fleas should be eradicated before they infest one or more other pets. They will definitely infest humans and give a nasty bite if they are not eradicated quickly. Imagine what that bite would mean to a little baby? If you are using chemicals to control fleas, you have to make sure it is safe for babies.

It is common for people to keep pet in their homes that have flea infestations. This is usually due to not knowing the pets are infested with fleas. Pets would be uncomfortable when they become flea infested. The flea infestation may also spill over to people in the household.

Fleas can spread all over the house including places like the sofa or the carpet. The fleas would make all the people and pets uncomfortable. Giving them a bite and tickling them while crawling under the skin.

It is essential to find a way of getting rid of the fleas with no harm to humans, especially to babies. There are several options to control flea infestations. There are non-toxic flea control methods that are worth trying as they don’t leave havoc on the health of humans and pets.You might want to download Flea Control Secrets eBook here.

Prevention is the best flea control

Fleas tend to get attracted to dirty environment. They settle down and even lay their eggs and multiply in that kind of environment. These conditions will happen when pets are rarely cleaned. Same true when the household becomes dirty. It is important to ensures that the environment around the pet is kept clean all the time. The house itself should be cleaned through washing and vacuuming on a regular basis.

When cleaning a house, it is good to make sure all hidden dirty places are cleaned. This will clean up all areas where the fleas lay their eggs. The cracks around the house should also be repaired as that could be their hideout. Adding salt into the water used for washing the house is known to have antiseptic qualities.

Cleanliness of the pets is also very important. There is no way this can be by-passed when it comes to getting rid of the fleas in a non toxic way. The pet should be cleaned on a regular basis using the right cleaning items. Cleanliness will depriv e fleas of breeding ground on the fur of the pet.

Bathing Your Pet

Given your pet a bath using lavender or eucalyptus extracts has a good reputation of keeping fleas away. Buying a flea comb and combing through the fur helps get rid of the fleas that may be stuck in the fur. It also helps get rid of flea eggs that are on the fur. One can also add salt to the water that is used to bathe the pet would also help to keep fleas away.

It is also important to clean the beddings of pets. That is the primary spot where fleas lay eggs and multiply. If you also use clothing for your pets, make sure you clean those as well.  Extreme temperatures that makes it hard for fleas to survive could be used to treat the beddings and clothings of pets. Fleas may find hard to survive and bread in that kind of environment. Extreme cold temperatures may also help. The beddings can be placed in a freezer overnight then washed thoroughly in the morning.

Chemical based solutions?

Flea collars and anti-flea sprays are some effective chemical-based flea control methods pet owners can use. However, most parents would be very worried the chemicals could be toxic to the pet and the children. It is always better to talk to a specialist on this matters.  Talk to the veterinarian regarding anti-flea pills or injections that can help prevent fleas but is safe for babies at the same time. This is a matter that any veterinarian will take seriously.

It would be beyond the scope of this blog to mention any medical statements and claims about chemical based flea control that is safe for babies. Use the methods that are mentioned in the paragraphs above and see if that can eradicate the fleas in your household. Cleaning is one of the best ways you can use to control flea infestations on your pets and it is 100% baby safe.



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