Best Dog Nail Trimmer for Small Hands and Big Dogs

My old dog nail clippers finally got to a worn state where they had to be retired, after almost 12 years of service, so I shopped around a bit to find a new pair. My plan had been to find a good price on the Safari clippers Ive always used, but I ended up buying a completely different kind not only a different brand but a different design thats working out well for me.

Im really pleased with my new dog nail clipper made by Oster as it combines good quality with a very low price. My dog nail trimmers are the exact same model number as the pair shown here, but the handles on mine are not such a pretty color.

I dont mind admitting, low price was a big consideration for me in deciding what trimmer to buy. Mostly I use a Dremel tool to grind down my dogs claws, so I didnt want to spend a lot of money on a new pair of nail clippers that I use only once every couple weeks.

A nail trimmer does come in handy, though, for a quick trim of the dog nails and to manicure the cats who want nothing to do with the grinder, so I really cant do without a good pair that works well.​

Oster Large Dog (Over 20 Lbs) Nail Trimmer

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For the nails of small dogs and for cats claws, you can sometimes get away with a lesser-quality set of clippers just because the nails arent so hard the blades dont need to be able to hold a nice sharp edge for so long between sharpening, and you dont need to be able to apply so much pressure to the handles to cut through the nail, For big dogs with super-hard toenails, however, a high-quality traditional nail trimmer is a must.​

Here Im just nipping off the jagged tip of my female greyhounds claw while shes asleep! I find the ergonomic little Oster nail trimmer so easy to handle and cut with precision (because of the shape of the handles), I can do a quick trim before the dogs even know Im bugging them. Very convenient, especially for a pup whos sensitive about getting their feet handled.

​This little hound is only about 60 pounds, on the small side for her breed, and her claws are not super-hard compared to some nails Ive cut. Some of the German Shepherds, Doberman,s even a couple of Labradors Ive known have claws like rock and you might want to soak in warm water first to soften them up if your dog is similar.

The Oster trimmer would work very well for any mid-size dogs, like the field lines of Golden Retrievers, Brittany Spaniels, Poodles, a lot of the Terriers, any dog in that range, and the easy control means they would of course be great for use on the smallest canines thats why I was so surprised they work so well on a larger dog!​

A few other points on features I like -

Besides the good stiff lock that means they arent always springing open in my back pocket and the strong blades that keep a good edge and the ridiculously low price the best thing about these Oster nail trimmers, in my opinion, is the unusual shape of the handles.

The outward curve means they are easy to use even with small hands and/or a touch of arthritis in your fingers, and the whole physics of the design means you can get a strong cut without exerting as much pressure as youd need to with a set that has the regular straight handles.​

Alternative Tools for Trimming Large, Extra Thick Dog Nails

I get it that you might be hesitating to buy the Oster nail clippers, because the price is so cheap - I had the same hesitation myself, until I got them in my hand and used them - so here are the other pet nail care tools I've mentioned, also affordable and reliable, in my experience.

But that said, I've got one large dog with dark claws that are extremely hard as well as hard to see what I'm cutting. For him, I do go with a heavy-duty clipper for quick cuts, and a Dremel tool for the major manicures. If you are unsure what to use to trim your larger dogs nails, especially if you have found them hard to cut in the past, here are my alternate suggestions:

Safari Professional Large Nail Trimmer For Dogs

Safari Professional Large Nail Trimmer

This is the kind of nail trimmer I usually use, before I picked up the Oster model. Notice that this is a scissors-type cutter. Some nail trimmers have a "guillotine" type of blade arrangement, where one blade holds still and the other one custs down on it.

Those work okay with the dainty cats claws, where you can just do a quick snip and be done, but I find they put too much of a squeeze on the big dogs' larger, harder nails. That's why I swear by this kind - why make the grooming job any less pleasant?

Dremel 7300-PT 4.8-Volt Pet Grooming Kit

Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Pet Nail Grooming Tool

As mentioned, for a quick trim of my dogs' nails, I like to have a good pair of pet nail clippers on hand - but most of the pups' "peticure" is done around here with the good old Dremel tool.

It gives a nice smooth finish and lets you take the nail down short without any danger of nipping the quick.

Hope you like our hard work. If we missed any point than let us know via comment.​

Thanks for keep tuned with us.

Lola R. Steele

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