Feeding Dogs Raw Bones: Common Misconceptions Dog Owners Have

Feeding Dogs Raw Bones Misconceptions

Bones for DogsAre you Feeding Dogs Raw Bones? Want to know what are the risks and misconceptions that linger around this topic? This article will give you good information.

Giving dogs cooked bones can be quite dangerous. Of course, cooking a bone changes its internal structure. It makes the bone hard to swallow and digest. The bone is as well easy to splinter, chocking hazard. But, raw bones for dogs are completely safe and digestible. They rarely splinter.

What is the reason for having common misconceptions about raw bones include?

– The dog food industry is trying to make you think that your dog will die if you feed them raw bones. That is a good selling ground for them.
– Most people don’t have the basic knowledge that a dog can digest raw bones.
– The dog food industry will try to prevent the information from getting into dog owners minds by all means.

It is believed that thousands of dogs experience severe bloating each and every year due to commercial dog foods. It is also reported that a number of them die chocking on commercial dog foods as well. Sadly, this is more common in the dog food industry. This data is excluding dogs that choke on rocks, sticks, tennis balls, or other debris either.

So many unfortunate events far outweigh the number of dogs that choke on raw bones. You can ask your local veterinarian what harms dogs the most and reasons for choking. An hones veterinarian advice will reassure you and calm your fears.

Common problems relative to eating raw bones usually happen when dogs  swallow the bone too quickly. It is also common to chock on smaller bones like chicken wings as dogs fail to chew them properly.

Feed Your Dog Raw Bones

If you are worried about your dog choking on a bone, these simple guidelines will help you prevent risks.

1. Feed your dog raw meaty bones that are still partly frozen. This will let the dog work harder to chew and swallow it. It causes them to slow down.

2. Give your dog reasonably sized pieces of bones. Don’t feed smaller bones, like tiny chicken wing or neck. This could cause trouble as the dog can quickly swallow them. Use common sense.

3. The presence of ample amount of meat on the bone is very essential. Ingesting too much bone without the meat can result in constipation and can cause concrete-like dog poops. It’s best to give them a bit of raw bulky meat on the side to make up for the high calcium in the bone.

It is usually safe to feed a large sized dog an entire chicken. The whole chicken pieces will force the dog to eat slower and chew it properly. Better not feed a dog cut bones of any kind. This includes neck and cut knuckle type bones. Smaller bones greatly increase the chance of a quick gulping which may result in choking. Feed your dog large meaty-bones that are nearly whole if possible.

These guidelines should give you peace of mind regarding feeding bones for dogs. Dog owners would better keep a close eye on their dog while they eat. More dogs die each year from choking and or bloating on commercial dog foods. Feeding dogs raw bones and meat wouldn’t be much riskier that the ones you get in the commercial dog food products.


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