How To Get A Dog To Stop Biting: Takes Time But Works

How To Get A Dog To Stop Biting Tips

How To Get A Dog To Stop BitingIf you are a dog owner you may want to know ways on how to get a dog to stop biting. Dog biting may start off as fun. But may slowly develop into a serious problem later on if not stopped sooner. Biting is a natural part of dogs’ life. This is especially true for small puppies who may have just started to grow teeth.

One should know though that it is easy for dog owners to stop this biting behavior of their dogs. Remember, you should never hit or slap your dog right in the face to stop the biting. This can lead to much bigger problems later on. Your dog may be thinking you are hitting him/her for nothing. This may get them to be scared of you.

The first step to stop dogs biting would be to teach them ways to control their biting-force. In case your dog bites in future, the training would help in reducing the impact of the biting. The damage won’t be as bad.

Teach your dog ways to control pressure of his/her bite. You can do this by practicing a technique called “play biting“. The concept is to let your dog know when a bite is too hard. Start by playing with your dog, allowing him/her to bite your hand. When you feel that the bite is really hard, immediately voice out “ouch”. That will give the dog a signal that he/she should immediately stop biting.

Leave the room and give some time to your dog to think what has already happened. The master said “Ouch” and left the room, what is going on? Return after some time and start playing once again. Repeat this technique until the biting pressure reduces dramatically. The dog may as well stop biting altogether.

If a dog exhibits aggressive behavior

Dog BarkingIf a dog exhibits aggressive behavior, it should immediately be removed from that stressful setting. A dog may be aggressive when some guest enters a house. That is when owners should immediately remove the dog from that room. The dog should be kept in an area or to the cage till behavior has calmed down. As soon as the dog returns back to normal mood, bring him/her back to the room.

Rewarding your dog when not exhibit aggressive behavior is a good training method. Dogs understand rewards very well. This way, dogs can quickly learn how to control their biting habits. learning to control an aggressive behavior is not easy. It is in the dogs’ nature to be aggressive towards threats and invasions. When you feel that your dog has learned not to be aggressive or bark, you should immediately give a treat. The treat could be some dog treat foods or some toy as a token of praise.
You can also train your dog from biting by using a choke collar. Every time the bites, give the chock-collar a sharp tug. Your dog will associate this unpleasant feeling with the biting and understands it is not desired by the master. The dog would most probably stop biting in future.

Learning all the techniques on how to get a dog to stop biting is essential. Using any of the techniques to stop a dog biting problems doesn’t guarantee to completely stop the behavior. You must understand that it will take some time before your efforts show results. You should be consistent in your efforts even if you don’t see result fast. If you feel that you cannot train your dog in a proper way, you should seek professional help.


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