Add Variety to Your Dogs Diet

Lot of dog owners tend to find a food that works well for their dog and stick with it…forever. I have taken a different approach and would like to explain it along with my reasoning.​I tend to change the dog’s food about once a week or so. The timing has everything to do with the […]

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Some Interesting & Essential Chinchilla Facts

Looking for Chinchilla facts? Here we will look at a few of the common and not so common things about these cute fluffy animals that are a kind of exotic pet, but not in the unusual rather than the tropical sense. So let’s have a look at what chinchillas are and how they live in […]

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My Best Friend is a Pet

Pets are Family With the exception of the time going to school and living in apartments, pets have always been a part of my life. It may sound pathetic to someone who is not really into pets, and cannot understand the companionship and comfort a pet can give to their human family. Next to my […]

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