Walking the Dog Friendly Beach On the Forgotten Coast of Florida

My Dog Tidbit and I Walk Our Beach in Lanark Village, East of Carrabelle, Florida and Share the View with You

Dog Friendly Beach

My dog Tidbit and I spend a good amount of time walking a stretch of beach along the Gulf of Mexico in Lanark Village, just a few miles east of Carrabelle, in the Florida Panhandle. The coastal region in which we reside is considered part of Florida’s Forgotten Coast (a registered trademark).

Like most of the locals here (I transplanted from another area of the country) I am kind of glad this area has “forgotten” status. For instance: In the past year, Tidbit and I have walked on the beach nearly every day. I have seen only a dozen humans and only two other dogs on the beach during our time here – and I brought half of those people to the beach when they visited us from my old home state of Ohio!

We know you will enjoy the views we have captured on camera to share with you of our time well spent just a block from our home. Oh, and about these pictures… I am not, by any means a photographer. All photos were taken with my basic cell phone camera.

Pier View

Tidbit Walks the Pier

Walking the Dog Friendly Beach

That first day on what we now call “our” beach, Tidbit had to check out the pier and the sea birds, including a pelican, in the distant end, on the right. She was a bit hesitant, so we didn’t go all the way to the end of the pier that first day. She would have many opportunities for walking the plank and chasing sea birds in the coming days.

What I found interesting about this photo is that the horizon is round! I have no idea why it turned out this way … Unless, maybe the earth really is round and we captured proof on camera right here in Lanark Village, Florida!

Woof It Up With Tidbit

On the Pier at the Beach

walking the dog

Of course, my beach dog Tidbit had to have her own postcard to send to friends and family. Tidbit loves visitors who give her lots of attention and take her for walks on the beach, so come on over to our beach on the sea and woof it up with Tidbit!

Resting at Sea

Among the Old Ones

dog in pier

It was love and respect at first sight for Tidbit and the “Old Ones” as it was for me, too. Here she rests among them after a long walk on the beach. Tidbit is treated with respect by the Old Ones, as if she were one of the pack.

Yes, to most, these are old pier pilings. Tidbit and I, we know better, as we have heard their voices. They’ve many a story to tell the beachcombers of the sea.

Redneck Riviera

Castle in the Sand

Gary P. Nunn sings “Redneck Riviera” by Tom T. Hall. This is one of the songs from Tom T. Hall’s album, “Songs From Sopchoppy”. The town of Sopchoppy is about fifteen minutes from where I live.

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